“I didn’t like it outside the bubble, Liz. It was very ironic.”

I can’t decide if I’m working on becoming “ironic” or “hipster.” Maybe I’m becoming a scenester? One can only hope.

I want to say that today was a comedy of errors, but really it was nothing more than unfortunate. My morning went swimmingly enough, my afternoon decently, but after twilight was really when the shit hit the fan.

It’s snowing in Cleveland. Normally, this is no cause for concern, but it’s throwing a major wrench into my travel plans. It means that my bus arrived in Pittsburgh 45 minutes early, but my ride from the Cle is running late, stuck behind snowplows. Not being too familiar with Pittsburgh, I enlisted my dad in helping me find refuge. He directed me, via phone, to a local hotel. “Just go sit in the lobby, they can’t kick you out.”

Oh, how wrong he can be. Yes, daddy dearest, they can and will kick you out. But at least they’re polite about it. The poor concierge took pity on me and directed me to a coffee shop just a few blocks away. And guys? I’ve never been more ecstatic to see a Starbucks in my life. Once I got there I was so world-weary I almost cried when I got my hot chocolate. New low? Possibly. As long as I get to stay in the relatively clean haven with a “medium” (you bet I did)  hot chocolate instead of wandering the streets like a cheap hooker, I’m fine with that.


Adulation: My love letter to Community.

2010 wasn’t completely terrible. I had some good times. I mean, of course some really, really terrible things happened, too. I could waste your time by listing them all, but someone’s already done it, and I promise, she did a much funnier job than I ever could. Check it out.

Anyway, I’ve had a few good discoveries of 2010. One of my favorites was Twitter. It’s not that I didn’t realize that it existed, so much as I thought it wasn’t for me. Boy, was I wrong. I love that site.

Two of my other great discoveries were both Community related. I don’t know why I didn’t give it a chance before, but I wish I had. It’s hilarious. I guess it was because I never really watched The Soup, so I had no appreciation for Joel McHale. And the latest project I’d seen of Chevy Chase’s was, quite possibly Caddyshack. (That’s not counting Hot Tub Time Machine, because he wasn’t a main character. And, for the record, I love Caddyshack.)

But now that I’ve seen it, I’m sold. Joel McHale. Love him. Donald Glover. Love him. Danny Pudi. Love him. And all the rest? Love ’em. I mean, you stick Jon Oliver in your pilot episode, it’s pretty much destined that I’ll love the show. You make an episode entirely claymation? I’ll write you an ode.

The characters are all fantastic. I especially have a soft spot for Abed, with his intensive pop culture knowledge. And Britta was dear to me as soon as she admitted that she dropped out of high school because she thought it’d impress Radiohead. Troy is just adorable and Jeff is quite possibly the coolest guy at Greendale.

I’m also thankful that Community gave me another new discovery: The 88. They do the theme song for the show and I kind of love it. They make a halfway decent Pandora station, too. (Pandora, another new discovery of 2010. Thanks to Amanda.)

Okay, love letter over. But I will gift you with a compilation of end-tags from the show.

Stop Analyzing My Threat

Ahh, today promises to be a day full of apocrypha. How so? Let’s see what I can dig up.

For one, Happy Easter! If you do not prescribe to the belief that Jesus did, in fact, rise from the dead on this day so many years ago, this is for you:

Booth: Voodoo, who’s going to believe that stuff?
Brennan: It’s a religion, no crazier than… what are you?
Booth: Catholic.
Brennan: They believe in the same saints you do, and prayer. What they call spells, you call miracles. They have priests.
Booth: We don’t make zombies.
Brennan: Jesus rose from the dead after three days.
Booth: Jesus is not a zombie. I shouldn’t have to tell you that.

Or, perhaps on a day like today, you’d just like to bask in the beautiful spring weather and have a little laugh:

One other tidbit of fable before moving on to the original intent of this post? Sure, why the heck not? Finally, after months of living together, Anne and I succeeded in having a telepathic conversation last night. It was one of the coolest experiences we’ve shared. It went something like this:

Oddly enough, I was the one, for once, playing the role of Ted and not Barney. (Barney => Neil Patrick Harris => Anne)


Let me take you back to a time not so very long ago. A time of the Snowpocalypse. It was a cold, blustery Friday night and the gang was gathered around 202B. We had promised ourselves that on one of our many snow-days we would take the advice of Ellen’s mother and test our fire ladder. It wasn’t a very unnerving prospect – we only live on the second floor, after all. So, with not so much ado, we unravelled the ladder from the front window.  All was going according to plan until we realized that the window sill was to wide for the ladder to safely latch into place. I vehemently opposed anyone testing it while it was so flimsy – and when I’m the one in the room opposing the idea, it’s probably a bad one. But, alas, Ellen and Anne went downstairs to possibly attempt climbing up. Before either of them could step foot on the ladder (and after many passers-by stopped to gawk at us) a friendly UPD officer asked us what in tarnation was going on (okay, so those were perhaps not his exact words). He asked Ryan, who happened to be outside as well documenting the escapade what room we were in. He reluctantly relayed the information and came to visit us. Not before our friendly neighborhood stoner could barge into the suite, scaring the living daylights out of me – in attempt to find me and my extra N64 controllers. I regretfully told him that the game system was elsewhere and he blusteringly, and disappointedly, left us.

So, finally the UPD officers arrived in the room and asked us some questions. Like why, perhaps, we thought that midnight was a good time to try and use a fire ladder. We calmly explained that the test was out of parental concern and that, honestly, midnight didn’t sound like such an unreasonable time to us. It was better, was it not, than attempting the same feat at 3 in the afternoon when the courtyard and sidewalk outside our dorm would be teeming with curious students? He was nonplussed and confiscated the ladder. At least we got this out of the ordeal:

Oh, and some music for your trouble (and in apology for taking over a month to post this story – thanks for getting the picture to me sooner Ellen! Oh, and way to only have one.).

I love your ability to smell like gum and old people at the same time

SNOW DAY!!! I love the inability of any government south of the Mason Dixon to react appropriately to a little bit of snow. Granted the storm was classified as a blizzard, there are still inches of snow packed to the streets, there are no plows and thousands are without power. I’d just like to say, thank you, George Washington University, for allowing me to sleep in today instead of going to my five regularly scheduled classes. Fingers are crossed to have no class the rest of the week.

Now, congratulations are in order to the New Orleans Saints. Nice win over the Colts. Too bad the Smart Guy prediction couldn’t have come true, though, you know? That would have been something special. But, seeing as how I wasn’t that invested in the game, here were my highlights:

1) Everyone thought that this Google commercial was cute. Not that Google really needed to put up any adverts, but still. Nice work.

2) Remember my post about autotune? That made me really enjoy this Bud Light commercial:

Now, everyone, enjoy your day off (if you were so lucky). I know I will. Our evening has been planned to include a continuation of our How I Met Your Mother marathon as well as an experiment to see how well Ellen’s fire escape ladder really works. (Pictures to come on that front. Fingers crossed that UPD doesn’t get pissed and call us in for a disciplinary hearing.)


Update: (1:35 am) There were just 50+ people outside my window, in our courtyard. There are still at least a dozen that I can see. What was going on? Only a massive midnight snowball fight. It was the best. UPD showed up, the cops stopped by, tree limbs fell down (and so did Amanda. A lot). Now we’re safe inside, trying to recuperate and watching the fun from safe inside our temperature controlled room. We figured we better stop or face the wrath of Ryan. We threw quite a few slush-balls at his bedroom window. I’m pretty sure he was asleep and none too pleased. Oops, our bad. It was totally worth it.

Notice (1:47 am) – To the resident of Crawford Hall that just ordered pizza: that was kind of douchey. No one needs pizza during a blizzard at 1:45 in the morning. I don’t care how stoned you are. Especially considering that the poor pizza delivery girl just got her tiny little car stuck in the snow. It took 8 good samaritans to help push her out. After a lot of skidding around, mind you. Come on, G-dub. Use your brains.