To: Stephen Sondheim, Re: Company

Dear Mr. Sondheim,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my extreme gratitude to you for bringing the world “Company.” I’ll admit it, the first few times I saw it, I wasn’t so sure. It’s a musical about relationships and marriage. Kind of a tough sell, don’t you think?

It wasn’t that I didn’t love the first version that I saw. The 2006 Broadway Revival cast with Raul Esparza as Bobby was great. He did a wonderful job. The minimal set was crisp, clean, and I loved the fact that the actors played instruments.

But it didn’t really “pop” for me. It was kind of blah and left me feeling meh. For what’s a musical without some flashy, showy, grandiosity? Nothing. I mean, what would the Music Man have been without “76 Trombones”? Or Rent without “525,600 Minutes”? What would the 2011 Tony Award winning, The Book of Mormon have been without “I Believe”? Just a boring story about Mormons, that’s what.

But I have to admit, over the past few months I’ve slowly fallen in love with Company. To the point where I actually wanted to take a Megabus up to NYC to see the New York Philharmonic’s performance. Alas, I didn’t have that kind of money to spend, so I was over the moon excited when I found out that it would have a limited release in theaters this summer. Honestly, it was my second-most eagerly anticipated theater release this summer, only beat by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II.

The cast was phenomenal. I honestly enjoyed everyone’s performance; the casting balanced Broadway with television perfectly. Here’s were the notes that stood out the most:

  • Christina Hendricks did a good job. Honestly, I haven’t really watched Mad Men (I know, I know – for shame!), so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, one of my favorite moments througout the entire production was her character April’s story about the butterfly.
  • Stephen Colbert had a serviceable voice. I had only ever heard him perform at the Rally for Sanity, and that wasn’t really the optimal setting to judge his voice. He did well, but looked super awkward while singing. It just seemed like he didn’t know what to do with his hands. Jon Cryer looked much more at ease.
  • I fell more in love with Neil Patrick Harris, a feat I no longer thought possible. Keep in mind that I watched this after his hosting gig at the Tonys. Is he ever not delightful?
  • Aside from April’s butterfly anecdote, my favorite scene was Amy’s wedding freak-out. I think that happened because I could easily identify with her. Committing to one person for the rest of your life? That’s crazy talk! But she’d really already been in that position. She metaphorically hit herself on the head and charged ahead.

The format in which the musical was presented – not a full stage production, but not simply a concert, either – and cast really pulled me in and made me understand the musical better than I had on my previous three viewings. I felt more connected with the characters and plot. For the first time I really came away feeling like I understood everything that was being broadcast instead of kind of being comfortably confused about it all. Bobby became less of a character and more of a person to me. The story seemed juicier as well as being easier to swallow. If this version ever comes out on DVD, I’ll actually go out and buy it. Even if my friends already have copies.

So, if you ever feel like doing another stage showing of Company, allow me to make a few suggestions. May I present to you my Dream Cast:

Bobby: Neil Patrick Harris

Sarah : Ellen Degeneres

Harry: Nathan Fillion

Susan : Evan Rachel Wood

Peter : Jason Segel

Jenny: Felicia Day

David: Joel McHale

Amy: Jayma Mays

Paul: Rob Lowe

Joanne: Jane Lynch

Larry: Robert Sean Leonard

April: Zoey Deschanel

Marta: Rosario Dawson

Kathy: Sarah Paulson




This Day Exploded into Awesomeness

Everything is the best. Today has been one of my favorite days in recent memory. I couldn’t stop smiling all day. I woke up at a reasonable hour (before 10am), and stayed productive throughout the day. I applied for my passport so that I can finally study abroad (UK or bust!), was the 2nd person in line at Chipotle the entire day, had great classes, found out that Demetri Martin is coming to DC in April, and, to top it all off, it was 65 degrees today. Absolutely beautiful.

Then, when I got home, I found Rachel and Amanda watching Friends in my room. A delightful turn of events. We ordered dinner and at 7:30 we tuned into Jeopardy!, one of my favorite shows (minus Alex Trebek, obviously.) To make it better, it was the premier of the IBM super-competitor, Watson. If Amanda and I were to team up, we would dominate him. Then we settled in with a new episode of HIMYM. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I found out that Radiohead is releasing a new album this weekend!!! Could life get any better? Yes!, because I also got to go on a virtual tour of the University of Sussex campus. Nothing could have made me happier today. Except, perhaps, a round of golf.

Something else that makes me happy:

“Yeah, he’s cute in that trapper-keeper, pocket-protector, inhaler way.”

Freshman year of college is finally behind me and I have absolutely no idea how I feel about it. Well, I loved the year. I fell in love with DC completely and it’s my city. I can’t wait to go back, to live there in the future, whatever. The city is a place I feel completely at home. But, so is my home in Ohio. I’m really grateful that I have these two amazing homes and two equally amazing families.  At the same time I almost feel guilty, though, that I don’t feel more separation anxiety. Really, the transition from home to college to home again has been almost nonexistent. I just keep on truckin’. The only real challenge: falling asleep in my bedroom at home. It’s eerily dark and quiet here. No drunk college students speaking unidentifiable languages or rapping outside of my window, no streetlights casting orange shadows across my room, no ambulances or trucks backing up outside of my window at ungodly hours of the morning. Just calm, quiet, nights in my big, comfy bed. And lots and lots of green outside of my windows. I mean, I never realized how green my town was before this. It’s absurd how green it is here. Oh, well, it’s nice, at least.

Oh, and some of the great things I have been enjoying at home. Well, one would be my new favorite song.

Another would be these ridiculous(ly awesome!) Victorian Collages:

Photocollage: The Victorian Version Of Photoshop

And, last but not least, this delightful site that I already tossed over to my good friend Hannah to check out. It’s well worth it. I mean, what’s better than hot guys reading books? No, seriously. There is nothing better. Check it out:

Stop Analyzing My Threat

Ahh, today promises to be a day full of apocrypha. How so? Let’s see what I can dig up.

For one, Happy Easter! If you do not prescribe to the belief that Jesus did, in fact, rise from the dead on this day so many years ago, this is for you:

Booth: Voodoo, who’s going to believe that stuff?
Brennan: It’s a religion, no crazier than… what are you?
Booth: Catholic.
Brennan: They believe in the same saints you do, and prayer. What they call spells, you call miracles. They have priests.
Booth: We don’t make zombies.
Brennan: Jesus rose from the dead after three days.
Booth: Jesus is not a zombie. I shouldn’t have to tell you that.

Or, perhaps on a day like today, you’d just like to bask in the beautiful spring weather and have a little laugh:

One other tidbit of fable before moving on to the original intent of this post? Sure, why the heck not? Finally, after months of living together, Anne and I succeeded in having a telepathic conversation last night. It was one of the coolest experiences we’ve shared. It went something like this:

Oddly enough, I was the one, for once, playing the role of Ted and not Barney. (Barney => Neil Patrick Harris => Anne)


Let me take you back to a time not so very long ago. A time of the Snowpocalypse. It was a cold, blustery Friday night and the gang was gathered around 202B. We had promised ourselves that on one of our many snow-days we would take the advice of Ellen’s mother and test our fire ladder. It wasn’t a very unnerving prospect – we only live on the second floor, after all. So, with not so much ado, we unravelled the ladder from the front window.  All was going according to plan until we realized that the window sill was to wide for the ladder to safely latch into place. I vehemently opposed anyone testing it while it was so flimsy – and when I’m the one in the room opposing the idea, it’s probably a bad one. But, alas, Ellen and Anne went downstairs to possibly attempt climbing up. Before either of them could step foot on the ladder (and after many passers-by stopped to gawk at us) a friendly UPD officer asked us what in tarnation was going on (okay, so those were perhaps not his exact words). He asked Ryan, who happened to be outside as well documenting the escapade what room we were in. He reluctantly relayed the information and came to visit us. Not before our friendly neighborhood stoner could barge into the suite, scaring the living daylights out of me – in attempt to find me and my extra N64 controllers. I regretfully told him that the game system was elsewhere and he blusteringly, and disappointedly, left us.

So, finally the UPD officers arrived in the room and asked us some questions. Like why, perhaps, we thought that midnight was a good time to try and use a fire ladder. We calmly explained that the test was out of parental concern and that, honestly, midnight didn’t sound like such an unreasonable time to us. It was better, was it not, than attempting the same feat at 3 in the afternoon when the courtyard and sidewalk outside our dorm would be teeming with curious students? He was nonplussed and confiscated the ladder. At least we got this out of the ordeal:

Oh, and some music for your trouble (and in apology for taking over a month to post this story – thanks for getting the picture to me sooner Ellen! Oh, and way to only have one.).