Day of Days

First off…  Remember that post about Kanye?  Well, I just got a lot happier about that situation with Taylor Swift.  Why, you might ask?  Because of one of my favorite role models, the POTUS.   Let’s take a look: Obama: Kanye is a \”jackass\”

Okay, on with the real post.  Pardon the interruption.

Oh, boy.  Today is my first day of collegiate employment.  Sounds like fun, right?  Just wait until you hear my job description.  I am a Door Guard at the law library on campus.  And what, you might ask, does this job entail?  Well, I sit behind a desk and watch law students, faculty, and professors swipe their access cards to get through the turnstiles.  I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve had to correct people on which way to swipe their card, but that’s okay.  I’ve messed it up a few times, myself.  When a student doesn’t have an access card, I get to push the button under the desk to buzz them through.  It’s scintillating, really. On the plus side, I’ve finished one of my reading assignments for class tomorrow.  The downside is that time passes painfully slowly and there is no Internet access for me to utilize.  Wacky library fact: You can take beverages in but absolutely no food. Weird, huh?

As I’m sitting here, writing this, doing my job, I’ve been doing some mental comparisons.  Real life law students v. fictional Hollywood stereotypes.  For the first hour and a half, I was a bit dismayed that none of the law library patrons were as attractive as lawyers you see on TV.  I know, I know, that’s TV, not real life.  But as time has passed, these future lawyers aren’t looking half bad. (Literally. Half of them are pretty good looking.)  But, honestly, I’m not paying that much attention to who was walking through my gates.  Really, I swear, I’m doing my PoliSci homework.

Ah, PoliSci, how I love thee.  My reading this week included such delightful chapters as, “A Most Secret Weapon,”  “A Curtain Falls,” and “Vessels of Vengeance.”  The book with these scintillating chapters isn’t half bad, excepting the albeit apt title (A Short History of the 20th Century).   The highlight of my reading, though, occurred while reading about the Chinese Nationalists and Communists.  It’s not like I was that invested in the topic, but I couldn’t help thinking of Mulan.  That was brilliant movie.  So, for your viewing pleasure, I have included one of the best musical numbers of the movie. Enjoy:

Maybe my favorite moment of all in the workday turned out to be the enthralling conversation with two of my colleagues about the office stapler.  I know, I know, sounds boring.  But, no.  At first, it was suspected that the stapler could only hold a specific number of staples (as mandated by the government).  It was then unanimously decided that the stapler was magical a la the world of Buffy.
I cannot tell you how happy I was to be able to appreciate the reference, because I- by all rights- should have been in the dark about Buffy’s awesomeness.  I was too young to watch it the first time around, but thanks to the greatness that is Hulu, my 90s cult-TV repertoire has been expanded. You can currently watch the first three seasons there.  I emphatically urge you to do so if you have some time to kill.

I think I’m going to like this job after all.

*Brownie points to any one who can tell me where this post title came from.

PS – This week’s grocery list: hair ties and bread.

PPS – A special thanks goes out to my roomies, Anne and Amanda, for helping me edit this post for grammatical mistakes. I really do need to bone up on my use of commas and apostrophes.  The grueling process took at least an hour, or however long it takes the tv to turn off of its own accord. At least two thirds of that time was spent on giggle fits and shouting bouts.  All I have to say, Anne, is “Ditch Plains!” And that my experience in the Cleveland-area spelling bee in the eighth grade did nothing to bolster my post-secondary skills.


Count to 10

Have you ever heard that you’re supposed to count to ten before you speak when you’re angry? Supposedly the action has a calming effect, giving you time to “think before you speak.” But some people seem to either be oblivious or uncaring of what might befall them if they speak while all riled up.  Let’s look at my favorite ignoramus of an example: Kanye West.  Oh, Kanye, what a mess you are. Do you have any fans left at all?

I honestly can’t pinpoint exactly when my dislike of this performer began, all I know is that my disdain for him has grown as he’s proven to be a big ol’ blowhard.  Why do you irk me so? Let’s go back in time so that I can count the ways:

Maybe it’s because of your debacle at Bonnaroo last summer. For those of you who haven’t heard about it, here’s the basics: Kanye was supposed to perform at 2:45 am. This timeslot was for his much hyped glow in the dark effects. It was two hours later, right before sunrise, when he finally graced the stage, upsetting scores of fans who attended the festival just to see him.

Or perhaps it’s because of your disrespect for artists you claim to admire. Remember when you refused to applaud, or even stand up, for Radiohead at the Grammy’s earlier this year? Who are you, Miley Cyrus? At least she has the excuse of being a teenager. You could have handled yourself better. Kanye in the \”Spotlight\”

But your insensitive nature really came forth when you stole the mic from Taylor Swift after her win at the 2009 VMAs tonight. She was clearly very excited to have won, but you marched onstage, stealing the limelight, and showcasing your favorite nominee, Beyonce. I’m not taking sides on which artist deserved to win, they are both popular performers or they wouldn’t have been nominated. But that doesn’t mean that it’s your place to judge.

Watch his self-righteous tirade:

VMA Upset

So what, children, is the moral of this story? No, it’s not that we should hate Kanye West, that one’s completely up to you. It’s that we should think before we speak. Look before we leap. Consider the possible ramifications of our actions before we commit to them. Especially someone in Kanye’s position who can be considered a role model, someone that adolescents look up to. Also, let’s learn to give people the benefit of the doubt and respect the winner, especially when it’s won by popular vote. It’s common decency, folks. Let’s try and bring it back into style.