“Maybe it had a tail incident”

Facts, facts, facts. They’re so much fun. Here are a few for you:

Which is weird, right? I mean, I’ve always been taught otherwise. Well, that and the fact that Brittney from Glee told me that dolphins are just gay sharks. By the transitive property, isn’t the killer whale then a shark, albeit a gay one? Well, I guess that fits with their killer nature, right? Oh, here’s another fact for you:

Fun fact: I kind of want to (jokingly) give my child the middle name of Snuffleupagus.  Another fun fact: his first name was Aloysius.

Well, now I’m just on a factoidal role:

– every year, Hawaii moves four inches closer to Japan

– slugs have four noses

– an ostrich’s eye is bigger than his brain

Okay, I’m out. If you want to learn even more, you can go to this site to learn something every day.


Refigeratoring: the action of being a refrigerator.

Summer break has officially spoiled me. I’ve been doing nothing but reading, sleeping, eating, and watching tv for the past week and a half. Okay, well I went on a bike ride or two, played some golf, and photographed a softball game, but still. I just spent 15 minutes on Google playing Pacman (it’s the 30th Anniversary. Of Pacman, not Google).

Oh, right. I also found this disturbing dance routine. It’s not the dance itself, so much as the seven year olds doing the moves. And the fact that this song will forever remind me of my PoliSci professor. And Glee.

Songs can hurt like a fist

Finals are done with, at last. I’m so burnt out, that this is all you get until I’ve recharged my batteries.

Has anyone else noticed that the “Run, Joey, Run” video from Glee this week is exactly like an American Idol car commercial the Top 8 or whatever are always making? ‘Cause it seems that way to me. Here, check it out. I mean, they even include the blatant product placement.

She’s an Odd Duck

This just can’t be true. I can’t be the only person who likes both LOST and Glee (and dad, you don’t count in this). It’s not fair that I have to choose. I mean I did. I just shouldn’t have to. LOST won out because it’s the last season and I need answers! I would start listing my questions, but I’d never stop, and it would just be bad. So I’ll watch LOST and catch Glee when it’s on Hulu. Or just watch the copy that Amanda insisted on taping.

So, which would you have chosen?

And it rained all night…

Dear Hannah, I love you.  Remember that blog post where you included this video? Alright, well, I showed my roommates and it was a hit. It helped us rediscover our love for the Backstreet Boys. (And by ‘us’, I mean Ellen and I.)  Boy, did I love the Backstreet Boys! So, in honor of you, Hannah, we listened to Larger than Life on our way to the Colonial Invasion – the pep rally that kicks off our basketball season.  You should have seen us.  Two girls, sharing an iPod, singing and dancing to BSB in the cold that only occurs on a 43 degree night in DC after almost three days of constant drizzle (best name EVER!).

Oh, and after we arrived at the Smith Center, Ellen and I got to watch men expertly bounce around on Olympic-style trampolines. Sometimes they involved props like a volleyball, ski boots, or a snowboard.  It was fantastic, to say the least.

Speaking of rediscovering some of my favorite things from the nineties: Boy Meets World. I watched a few episodes today and will continue to do so every time I need a little pick-me-up. It’s like a 30 minute happy-pill. Mr. Feeny (Fee-hee-ee-ee-nay!) knows what I mean.

Dorm Life

No, this post is not about that insufferable MTV show about a bunch of freshman at the University of Wisconsin. This is about my dorm life. And how great it is. I live in a suite with three other girls and we like to spend time together. This weekend, we lived it up, playing a rowdy game of Apples to Apples in the basement common room. But what do we really do in our communal time? The American past time – we watch tv.

Whomever had the idea of online streaming video and DVDs, we salute you. My roommate Amanda and I successfully completed the first leg of our Aaron Sorkin adventure last night. That’s right, after a week and a half at school we have watched the entire series of Sports Night.  We also watched the inaugural episode of the West Wing, without which, neither of us probably would have ended up at this fine institution of higher education. (Hello, Wooster.) Our new obsession is Glee. And rightly so. When we need a break from that, Anne joins us for a delicious hour of mocking of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Quality tv if ever I’ve seen it. On the latest episode, Amanda and Anne counted the number of times the phrase “had sex” was used in a two minute conversation. The number was staggeringly high.

When the roomie’s can’t come together for some joint time in front of the boob tube, Hulu is our best friend. They have the first 3 seasons of Buffy AND the entire series of My So-Called Life.

So let me be frank: all those years of mentally preparing myself for the stimulating educational environment of college was a load of phooey. I have four classes this semester and none are too taxing. Heck, I have the time to write this don’t I? Yes, just a perk of dorm living is the, oh, 6 or so hours I have between classes today. Ahh, welcome home, Molly. This is the life of champions.  Let’s crack out the PB&J’s and the easy mac, load the latest episode of Glee, and settle in for a taxing afternoon.