And it rained all night…

Dear Hannah, I love you.  Remember that blog post where you included this video? Alright, well, I showed my roommates and it was a hit. It helped us rediscover our love for the Backstreet Boys. (And by ‘us’, I mean Ellen and I.)  Boy, did I love the Backstreet Boys! So, in honor of you, Hannah, we listened to Larger than Life on our way to the Colonial Invasion – the pep rally that kicks off our basketball season.  You should have seen us.  Two girls, sharing an iPod, singing and dancing to BSB in the cold that only occurs on a 43 degree night in DC after almost three days of constant drizzle (best name EVER!).

Oh, and after we arrived at the Smith Center, Ellen and I got to watch men expertly bounce around on Olympic-style trampolines. Sometimes they involved props like a volleyball, ski boots, or a snowboard.  It was fantastic, to say the least.

Speaking of rediscovering some of my favorite things from the nineties: Boy Meets World. I watched a few episodes today and will continue to do so every time I need a little pick-me-up. It’s like a 30 minute happy-pill. Mr. Feeny (Fee-hee-ee-ee-nay!) knows what I mean.