Molly Kasperek (she/they) is a writer and children’s library assistant living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has an M.A. from Syracuse University in Television-Radio-Film (but mostly television) and a B.A. in Political Communication from The George Washington University.

Growing up, Molly watched a lot of The West Wing, and couldn’t decide if she wanted to write speeches or screenplays. She’s since learned how to do both, and loved each a lot, but decided she’d rather write books.

On this blog you’ll find a lot of rambling, a few essays, some stories about Molly’s writing journey, TV recommendations, and an occasional book review. If there’s anything you’d like Molly to write about, tweet her @mollytheghost. If you’d like to learn more about Molly’s writing, you can visit her website mollykasperek.com.

Selfie of Molly Kasperek with backwards baseball cap and shirt that reads "Tomboy Femme"