Break it Down Now

I was way ahead of the curve on this one. Oh, sorry, I haven’t filled you in on what I’ve gotten – LOST. The finale = awesome. As much as I’m going to miss that show and it’s exercises in the fantastical, phantasmagorical, surreal, insane, explosive, creepy, mythical, confusing, what-have-you plot lines of whichever universe or sideways they choose to explore week after week, I’m glad it’s been wrapped up. On the whole, I’m pretty happy with how everything went down. And yeah, everyone’s going to have different views on what The End really meant, but I’ve got my own theory.  I was 99% resolved in my beliefs about The End right after it aired, then again five minutes later, as I explainedmy interpretation to my dad. The next day, I was sure of my self again, when I read this excellent article from my friends at the BBC.

Here’s how I figured it [spoiler alert]:

Everything that happened on the Island happened. That was real life (not a fantasy, or purgatory, or heaven, hell, etc.). The flash-sideways, were the characters in their fade-out time between life and death. The church, where they reassembled, was the weigh-station. Some characters weren’t in the church because they weren’t bonded closely enough with the others or because they still had some unresolved business. (For example, Ben Linus wanted to spend more time with his daughter, Alex, and he wasn’t ready to let go and have absolution. Michael was doomed to whisper silent nothings on the Island forever, etc. etc.) Penny got to hang out in the church with the rest of 815 because she was Desmond’s soul-mate.

The tricky thing, I think, is realizing that everyone did not, in fact, die in the plane crash. The plane landed on the Island, and lives were lived from there on out. Therefore, the gathering in the church was not simultaneous. Everyone went there when they finally died. Everyone just happened to be there when Jack was, because we were seeing it from his perspective. When you get there, everyone else you’ve cared about most is already waiting for you. So, yes, Jack died after he saved the Island. Hurley and Ben lived out lives on the Island for (presumably) a long, long time – as evidenced by their reassurances that Ben was a good number two and Hurley a great number one. Sun & Jin died in the sub along with Sayid. Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Lapidus, Miles, etc. left the Island when they could, and Jack really did see them fly away.

It was just awesome. I loved every minute of it. While that may not have been how I would have wrapped up the show, they did a great job and left a lot open to interpretation. Which, I guess, is what needed to be done. Because that’s all we’ve been doing for years, isn’t it? Trying to figure out what the hell has been going on in their little world. And, yeah, I was kind of pissed that Sawyer and Kate didn’t end up together, but it worked out just swell in the end.

One of my favorite little things in the show was the shout-out to Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-5. Not only is Sawyer reading it at one point, but also, the blatantly had characters “become unstuck in time” throughout season 4, or whichever season aired in my junior year of high school. And while, yes, there are still a lot of questions that never received answers, one or two might be in the near future in a super-extended deleted scene. Oh, I also very much loved that Allison Janney was in an episode. Awesome.

You know what else is awesome? This:


2 thoughts on “Break it Down Now

  1. I agree with you on the topic of lost. Question though, do you feel that when Locke came back to the “Before Heaven” thing, that it was indeed Locke…or was it the Man in Black joining them? I feel that it was Locke, but did he know what went on while he was being impersonated? Also do you think that the man in Black and Jacob were reunited in there own little Purgatory afterlife thing?

  2. Molly the Ghost says:

    I think that in the church it was the real, original John Locke. Who knows about the MiB and Jacob having their own little purgatory but they weren’t in the church afterlife. That was just for 815 and their most loved/influential.

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