“Maybe it had a tail incident”

Facts, facts, facts. They’re so much fun. Here are a few for you:

Which is weird, right? I mean, I’ve always been taught otherwise. Well, that and the fact that Brittney from Glee told me that dolphins are just gay sharks. By the transitive property, isn’t the killer whale then a shark, albeit a gay one? Well, I guess that fits with their killer nature, right? Oh, here’s another fact for you:

Fun fact: I kind of want to (jokingly) give my child the middle name of Snuffleupagus.  Another fun fact: his first name was Aloysius.

Well, now I’m just on a factoidal role:

– every year, Hawaii moves four inches closer to Japan

– slugs have four noses

– an ostrich’s eye is bigger than his brain

Okay, I’m out. If you want to learn even more, you can go to this site to learn something every day.


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