“I’m Going to Kill You! I Love It!”

I kind of love Open Mic Night.  Every time we go I have fun. Which is really no surprise, Ellen is a spoken word poetry fiend.  Her poems are relatable, amusing, clever, and sometimes prescient.  Come on, Ellen, admit it. You only left your laptop on the curb for so long becuase you were channeling “Love in the Time of Facebook.” We all know it.

What else happens at the Fish Bowl on these Open Mic Nights? I always manage to fall in love. Tonight’s catch: the boy who sang a cover of this:

I know you have a girlfriend, but you should just marry me, okay? Kay, thanks. I even loved your hippie/hipster medley and your necktie guitar strap. So really, let’s run away together. Because if I can’t have you, I have this awful feeling that I’ll be stuck with the guy who sang an acoustic version of the Thong Song. And I’m just not sure if I’m ready to settle for that, no matter how good he was.


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