Worst Twofold Ever

Happy April Fool’s Day to all of my lovely readers. I hope that none of you fell for the old “your fly’s down.” (And for the one who did, you know who you are. Bask in your shame.) If you, like me, can’t get enough of LOST and would like to have a part of the Dharma Initiative accentuate your April Fool’s Day, check this out.  Here in Crawford 202 we had a grand old time pranking and being pranked. I’m going to call it now: Anne is the reigning champ. Here’s a run-down of what she accomplished today:

Against Amanda: Her bed was filled with pictures of feet, because she hates feet. Worst perhaps was the picture of feet underwater. Two egregious faults in Amanda’s book.

Against Ellen:

The backstory: Not too long ago, Ellen ran for Class Council. Her ad campaign involved positive word association – most of which were ludicrous. Things like “Snow Day” and “Latte”. So, to gently mock her, we put up similar signs all over her wall. Our words included “Laptop” and “Sidewalk” because a few weeks ago Ellen left her laptop unaccompanied on the sidewalk in front of our dorm for the better part of an hour. “Meatloaf” goes back to the Mary Kate & Ashley pizza sing-along. “Pulp” – because Ellen is one of those Florida citrus freaks who likes extra pulp in her orange juice (because regular amounts of pulp aren’t bad enough). “Fire Ladder” will be explained tomorrow and “Mary Lou Retton”, well, you know.

And perpetrated against myself: the old Jim Halpert standby.

I wake up this morning, get ready for work, head into the bathroom to take a shower and lo and behold, what’s on the sink?

Lovely, Anne. Thank you so very much. And what, pray tell, did I find inside? Only these:

I do appreciate that you took the trouble to wrap them in a wax-paper cocoon before submerging them. I think the best part of my prank though, was the unintentional. See, on Thursdays our cleaning lady comes. Oddly enough, the jell-o was still on the counter. Instead of dumping it down the drain and leaving it all in the sink, Anne put the stuff in the cabinet under the sink. Amanda didn’t know that and might have, perhaps, accidently gotten a handful of red goo. Her expression was priceless.

At least in the end Anne got her just desserts. Okay, well, actually she gave those to me with the Jell-o. But she did get the… oh, hell. There’s no good metaphor for it. She hates cheese, as you may remember. So, Amanda and Ellen conspired to cover all the surfaces on her side of the room with Kraft Singles. The result was hilarious. To wit:

Happy Birthday, Fred & George Weasley!

I could hear her screaming from halfway down the hall. Excellent.

The perfect end to our swell April Fool’s Day was Ellen and my outing to see one of our school’s theater group’s production of Joss Whedon’s Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. It was fantastic, to say the least. I’m even more excited now to see the original.


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