Earth Hour “oh 10”

Crazy things happen in Crawford 202. Like that’s hard to believe. (Well, it probably is for Ryan, since, according to him, the earth doesn’t exist.)  The day of Earth Hour is no different. What was the weirdest part? Probably 15 minutes of said hour spent singing Mary Kate & Ashley songs. In a circle. In the dark. And yeah, that’s still going on, albeit with the lights on. Our favorite songs: Pulling an All-nighter, My Horse & Me, Gimme Pizza (eh, put it on the pizza!).

What else has been going on? Well, we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine which was actually a lot funnier than I expected. I laughed a lot more than I had anticipated. The music was great; the costumes were bright; the company was excellent. My only point of contention: if they were to change the past while they were thrown back to 1986, once they got back to the future (their present), they would remember their “new” pasts. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise when they got pack to the present. They would know what had happend to them. Theoretically. If that were to happen in the film. Just sayin’.

Another weird fact of the day: it was revealed that Ellen has never seen Mean Girls. I mean, even Anne has seen that movie. Anne!

Hmm. It seemed like a lot more went on in Crawford 202 today. I guess you miss a lot when half of the suite gets up at or after noon. With the exception of going to Chipotle with some new(er) friends and bonding – Briana likes Stargate! Awesome. – not much else did go down.

Still to come: St. Patrick’s Day post (sorry for the delay).


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