Surreal Life

This last week has been great. Well, as great as a Spring Break spent at home can be (what up, North East Ohio?). Which isn’t all that bad, really.  I had a pretty good time on the whole. I got to hang out with my parents, learn how to use my new (1920s) camera, go on an “adventure” with my good buddy Peter, go cosmic bowling, stay out later than I ever have before, go to Cleveland’s St. Patty’s Day parade* for the first time, and then some.

Now, in the final hours before my train trip back to DC (yeah, it leaves at 2am. I’ll be spending 11 lovely hours on a train tonight.) I’m hanging out with my family, watching some Jeremiah Johnson interspersed with some March Madness.  Overall, I’ve been having a great time. There has only been one friend that I really wanted to visit with but haven’t, and I also wasn’t able to go see my high school’s production of Grease. Although it’s supposed to be heavily censored (there was, apparently too much objectionable content in the original: gangs! teenage sex! sneaking out! pink ladies!) I still wanted to see it. When I was in high school, I went to the musical every spring.

So, it looks like I’ll be spending my last night at home with my family.  After last night, I’m a little wary. It wasn’t that we didn’t have fun, just that the bar we went to for dinner had a live band. A live, amateur band. A live, amateur, country band. Made up of middl- aged men. My brother pointed out that it was the first time he’s ever seen line dancing occur in real life. I had to agree. The bar music was okay, the food decent and the company great, but it wasn’t my scene. We pegged most of the people in there (last night, at least) as friends of the band. One woman was wearing a cowboy hat. That led to a prolonged conversation about judging people based solely on what they wear.

So, now, in my final hours at home, I’m reveling in how strange it is to have two homes. I’m at home, yet slightly homesick. My friend Hannah really pegged the sensation with which I’ve so recently become familiar. Unlike myself, however, having two homes, she seems to be stuck in some sort of hobo-limbo. But she can really explain it better than I can.

To complete the strange occurences of the last two days, it’s really been topped off by Northern Iowa beating Kansas in the Second Round of March Madness. Who’d have thunk it? Not that I’m complaining, I have Kentucky to win it all, anyway. (Don’t blow it, UK!)

Here’s a little bit of extra weirdness, courtesy of Jeremiah Johnson:

*More to come on St. Paddy’s Day in Cleveland in the next few days.


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