We Should Call it “Books & Pies”!!!

Table-eating may be one of my favorite roommate experiences at college. Generally speaking, we eat in the dorm room, on our beds or on the floor. Tables are a hot commodity. Therefore, when we get to dine at a table, it’s kind of a big deal. While the novelty has worn off a little bit, the camaraderie Crawford 202 has around the dinner table just might be unparalleled.

Tonight we went to our little Italian restaurant across the way, Bertucci’s. We had a blast. The fun started with Ellen seemingly not knowing what salad was. That’s when Anne got belligerent.  In a mostly joking way. I mean, come on, who doesn’t know what salad is? Ellen! The conversation flowed normally during most of the meal – well, normal by Crawford 202 standards, until we brought up Anne’s favorite subject – Pie.

The girl loves pie. It can be exemplified by this snippet of our dinner conversation:

Me: Anne, when we’re over the hill and retired from our respectively awesome jobs, can we-

Anne: What do you mean retired? I’m never going to retire. I’m just going to keep working until I keel over into a pie.

Me: Right, well – how do you feel about Chicago? Okay, well, pick a city.

Anne: San Antonio.

Me: No, pick a cool city. I don’t want to live in San Antonio. How about London? What do you think of London, or Edinburgh?

Anne: London’s okay. Or Vancouver! London is fine. Or Edinburgh. How about Oslo?

Me: Okay, fine. Oslo. Wait. Norway? Really? Fine whatever. We’ll have a chain. How do you feel about having, you know, once we’re retired from our awesomely respective jobs, we’ll get a flat, like over a storefront – if we have families I don’t know where they’ll live…

Anne: We’ll bump off the husbands.

Me: I don’t want to bump off my – oh, whatever. Fine, so we’ll live in a flat over a storefront and have a half bookstore – half pie shop. How do you feel about that?

Anne: I love it. And we can call it “Books and Pies!”

Me: Wow, okay, we’ll work on the naming thing. I thought you were going to have something really creative and awesome. But that was terrible. I mean, I expected something like “Spines & Crusts.”  That’s very descriptive of very important parts of both of those things, but sound disgusting together… But the store will be great!

It was thusly decided how we would retire. I kind of can’t wait. I’m not fond of pie at all, but maybe I can convince her to sell other sorts of baked goods. As long as cheese of any sort isn’t involved, I’m sure I can sell her on the idea. I even suggested that we sell beverages, like milk, be sold in two sizes: pint and half pint. The latter of which would, of course, be called the Anne Schwartz.


2 thoughts on “We Should Call it “Books & Pies”!!!

  1. Hey cuz wats up!

    You and your collage friends must have a lot of fun over one conversation about retirement and pie.
    One question how could you not like pie. Oh and btw your dad is here and he brought the maple cookies your mom made and they were delicious! I miss you so much hope to see you soon.

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