We Should Go to Noodles and Co.

How is it possible that I am bored right now? It shouldn’t be. I live in a major metropolis; I live in the capital of the United States of America; I live four blocks from the White House, for crying out loud! On top of that, I live on a college campus. I should not be bored.

I mean, I’ve been a little under the weather the past week or so, but it shouldn’t stop me from going out on the town. I have a few options, but tonight, like most nights, settling in to the comfort of my dorm with a good book or movie strikes me as much more appealing.  Then again, I never have been much of a “party person.” It doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try and get out some more. I could use a few more friends. Not that I don’t love Crawford 202 and all of our extended family, but sometimes (like tonight) I get a little stir crazy. I like all of my roommates’ friends, but I recognize each day that I need some that are solely my own. The only problem: finding them. Yeah, it’s a bit of a catch-22, isn’t it?

Eh, I’ll save the partying / meeting new people / being more independent thing for after spring break. I vow to go to some museums, visit the monuments, and do something else completely on my own. But for now, let’s see what will happen. The likely scenario: I’ll curl up under a blanket, finish writing a letter or two, work on one of my paper assignments and try and convince myself that I really should study for that Arabic midterm on Tuesday. Heh. Like that’s going to happen.

Man am I predictable. Not twenty minutes after I postulate what I’ll be doing tonight and it’s happened. At least I’m comfortable. It’s 10 o’clock and my eyelids are already drooping. I never did take that nap today.  I would say that I’m saving all of my crazy for Spring Break, but I’ll just be hanging at home, waiting for the school day to end so I can see my high school friends – the only ones that will be in town (and that’s only the case so they don’t get called for truancy).

Alright, to everyone else: Have a wonderful evening. Send some good stories my way. I’ll be here, drinking my juice.


One thought on “We Should Go to Noodles and Co.

  1. Hannah says:

    sprinks, you’re depressing me. go out already! go have some fun! let your hair down! paint the town red! you get the gist…

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