Signing “Cheese Rain” is Not Saying Thank You

Late last week was the sign up for student housing for rising sophomores.  And it was so much fun.  Amanda and Ellen have each decided to attempt to find a single next year.  Rachel has decided (despite her cohabitational issues) to live with her friend Emily.  Ryan is going to room with his new friend Paul.  And me? Oh, I swindled Anne into being my roomie.

The best part of sophomore housing is that everyone (not in a single) is guaranteed an in-room kitchen (and bathroom). I cannot tell you how much this prospect excites both Anne and myself.  She has already begun to compile a list of food and desserts she can whip up for us next year.  I have been doing the same, but she’s the real whiz in the kitchen. Just the other day I helped her make a red velvet cake in our basement kitchen – from scratch. She really is a beast when it comes to baking.Perhaps the only one better at cooking in general in Crawford 202 at the moment might be Rachel. She really is a genius at grilling a hot dog at Manouche’s stand.

The only thing that’s standing between our culinary bliss is the fact that Anne has a certain, shall we say disdain, for cheese. Almost all dairy, really. She doesn’t care for cream sauce, cream cheese, mac and cheese, all of those things I really hold dear. This might be a problem. I can’t make her cheese cake! She doesn’t like half of the ingredients in my enchiladas! What to do, what to do? It’ll be okay, though. We’ll find a balance. Basically, all the food I make will be split between Rachel and myself. We’re going to try and have weekly dinners with the whole group. Hopefully, we’ll be in the same dorm, but we’ll survive if that’s not the case.

For Valentine’s Day (I’m posting this at 12:49, so for me it’s still Sunday.), I guess:

Also, I can’t tell you how glad I’ll be if I don’t have to hear Anne say “Valentine’s Day” any time soon. She’s taken up (annoyingly) saying it with my fabled “Akron A” accent. It really grinds my gears.


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