I love your ability to smell like gum and old people at the same time

SNOW DAY!!! I love the inability of any government south of the Mason Dixon to react appropriately to a little bit of snow. Granted the storm was classified as a blizzard, there are still inches of snow packed to the streets, there are no plows and thousands are without power. I’d just like to say, thank you, George Washington University, for allowing me to sleep in today instead of going to my five regularly scheduled classes. Fingers are crossed to have no class the rest of the week.

Now, congratulations are in order to the New Orleans Saints. Nice win over the Colts. Too bad the Smart Guy prediction couldn’t have come true, though, you know? That would have been something special. But, seeing as how I wasn’t that invested in the game, here were my highlights:

1) Everyone thought that this Google commercial was cute. Not that Google really needed to put up any adverts, but still. Nice work.

2) Remember my post about autotune? That made me really enjoy this Bud Light commercial:

Now, everyone, enjoy your day off (if you were so lucky). I know I will. Our evening has been planned to include a continuation of our How I Met Your Mother marathon as well as an experiment to see how well Ellen’s fire escape ladder really works. (Pictures to come on that front. Fingers crossed that UPD doesn’t get pissed and call us in for a disciplinary hearing.)


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