Update: (1:35 am) There were just 50+ people outside my window, in our courtyard. There are still at least a dozen that I can see. What was going on? Only a massive midnight snowball fight. It was the best. UPD showed up, the cops stopped by, tree limbs fell down (and so did Amanda. A lot). Now we’re safe inside, trying to recuperate and watching the fun from safe inside our temperature controlled room. We figured we better stop or face the wrath of Ryan. We threw quite a few slush-balls at his bedroom window. I’m pretty sure he was asleep and none too pleased. Oops, our bad. It was totally worth it.

Notice (1:47 am) – To the resident of Crawford Hall that just ordered pizza: that was kind of douchey. No one needs pizza during a blizzard at 1:45 in the morning. I don’t care how stoned you are. Especially considering that the poor pizza delivery girl just got her tiny little car stuck in the snow. It took 8 good samaritans to help push her out. After a lot of skidding around, mind you. Come on, G-dub. Use your brains.


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