The Weather Outside is Frightful

I love a good storm. Be it snow, rain, or thunder. All of the adults around are freaking out, though. All because of a little thing called Snowpocalypse.

DC is supposed to get more snow this weekend than it did before Christmas, when all of the airports were shut down.  The Capital city might see more snowstorm this weekend that is bigger than any in the previous year… wait, it’s only February. Decade… nope, it’s the first year of the decade. Hmm, century? Perhaps. Heh, that means that it would also be the biggest snowstorm of the millennia, thus far.

I went to Trader Joe’s today. Which, in retrospect, probably wasn’t the brightest idea. But I wanted to go shopping, and I got out of my Astronomy Lab early. By the time I got there, the line to check out wound around the interior of the store a few times.  By the time I made it through that line 9 songs later (roughly half an hour), the employees were holding people outside in the snow.  The store was so crowded that they had to ration how many people were allowed inside to shop at a time. But I stuck it out, because I love Trader Joe’s. And I didn’t have to wait in the cold. Note to higher powers: Maybe Superbowl weekend isn’t the greatest time to schedule a blizzard.

Side note: You know what is great about Trader Joe’s besides their delicious, and usually organic food? How inexpensive it is. I have yet to spend more than $25 dollars there. Same with my roommates. Yet we always leave with surprisingly heavy and overflowing bags.

We’ve finally accumulated enough snow to scrape together some snowballs. And, good news, it’s excellent packing snow! So, on her way home from dinner, Anne and a few friends decided to lay siege to my room.  A couple well aimed slush-balls thwacked against the glass a little bit ago. So, after giving them a thumbs up, I ran into Anne and Ellen’s room, threw open the window and stuck my head outside.  Anne kindly tossed me some snow, and then I was throwing snowballs out the window. Ryan was outside to join in, and soon Ellen left my side and ran to play in the snow too.  So, for fifteen minutes tonight, I got to have a snowball fight from the safe, warm confines of my dorm room.  It was the most fun I’ve had in a while.


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