Blunt Much?

I love Jeopardy – It’s all my dad’s fault. Not that I’m complaining.  For years we’ve watched the show together. Sometimes we keep score. Last time that resulted in a wager.  I lost and had to declare him as the winner in my facebook status.

But I hate Alex Trebek – Every time the show starts up I complain about Alex Trebek. There is no single reason behind it – I just loathe him. And, no, it’s not because he’s Canadian.  I’m pretty sure part of my disdain for the man comes from the sheer smarminess. I mean, sure he knows all the answers – he’s the host. I just don’t think he needs to act like he already knew the answers. I just want to throw something at him. Last October I went to Philly for the second round of auditions to be on the College Championship. I didn’t make it, but I’m sure if I had I would have had to impart some self-control. That’s because I’d want to lean over the podium and punch him in the face.

But for anyone in college, the new round of try-outs is going to be held online on Tuesday, February 9th. You can sign up here.

Now for some good Trebek-bashing, SNL style.


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