Don’t Stand So Close to Me

What did you do last night? Me, oh I watched the final season premiere of LOST.  It was fabulous.  All three hours of the event. What made the experience even better was watching it in my dorm’s basement / common room.  I went downstairs with Ryan shortly after 8. He was a great viewing buddy.  During the commercial breaks he would make conversation about favorite characters, plot lines, and theories.  (I like Sawyer the most, but Hurley and Daniel Faraday are fabulous. Sayid is the man. Charlie was cool.)

The plot was full of cool twists and some secrets were revealed while other plot lines drudged up a lot more questions. As Amanda pointed out last night, after every episode of LOST viewers tend to have very few questions answered and a lot more raised.

My theory: alternate universes. That’s why there are two realities going on. If you really want to know how that would work, I could explain it. (Thank you, ten seasons of Stargate.)

Also, props to the people that called the Smoke Monster and evil, faux-Locke being the same entity.  I didn’t even consider that as an option. I also think that real Locke will come back at some point. Though I have to admit, at the moment, I’m really enjoying Terry O’Quinn having such a cool dual role to play.  So people at LOST, keep up the good work. If you missed the show, you can read the recaps here at TWOP.

Also, just for fun, you can buy a trip on September 22, 2010 on Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney to LAX.



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