Don’t Touch My Nose

Oh, Canada. You get such a bad rap. I mean, come on, it’s not like you’re France or anything.  You don’t have the trails of blood from the guillotines of the French Revolution nor history of heads on pikes. You even have one of the 7 wonders of the natural world. ‘Sup, Niagara Falls?  You also have claim to Robin Scherbatsky. Don’t know who she is? She’s one of the characters on How I Met Your Mother. Two of my hall mates just introduced me to that show. It has increased my love for Neil Patrick Harris and the sitcom in general.  I read this recently about good ol’ NPH:

Neil Patrick Harris. The most wonderful man in the world. I don’t know what to say about him that hasn’t been said. He’s like the George Clooney of television. You’re allowed to love him no matter who you are. He is the original unicorn. If he touches your iPhone you can get bars everywhere you go from that point forward. He says he’s into magic tricks but that’s only because if he admitted that he was actually magical and could do actual magic, the government would come take him.

What else do I like about the show? Only stuff like this:

And, is it just me or does the mall look surprisingly similar to that of the one used on the obscure show Shop Till You Drop?


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