Automatic Trump Card

According to the Urban Dictionary, a walk of shame can be described as:

“the walk across campus in the same clothes as yesterday after you slept with someone and spent the night in their dorm room”

My friend just had the best (albeit classy) walk of shame – maybe in the history of man.  After a long night out, she spent the night with another friend at a platonic sleepover in an off-campus apartment.  After only getting about two hours of sleep, she awoke this morning in the same clothes as yesterday, and walked to the Metro station.  From there, she went directly to the White House! She went on a tour with some students she works with.  She got home to complain that the tour only lasted about 5 minutes, but still.  Only in DC can a walk of shame as such exist.  I’m about 17 kinds of envious right now.

And here’s a picture of how campus looked at about noon today:


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