The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is by Singing Loud for All to Hear

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love Studio 60. Thank God that Amanda loves it, too. Not to mention the fact that she owns the series.  I know that we watched it all last weekend, but we’re doing it all over again.  The difference is, this time we’re watching it with Rachel.  I love watching the show with her because she gets to experience all of the plot lines and relationship story arcs with unabashed joy.  She cheers for the couplings that she wants to see, calls what she perceives will happen in the future, and gets frustrated when something untoward happens.  Her affection for the show is contagious. Or is it really that our joy and love for the show has spread to her? It doesn’t really matter, so long as we all can enjoy it.

My favorite part of tonight’s mini-marathon was undoubtedly our last episode of the night, The Christmas Show.  All of the relationships start to blossom and there’s a kick-ass exitlude preformed by some of New Orleans finest. They bring tears to my eyes.


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