Son of a Nutcracker!

I know it’s the holiday season because delightful advertisements have sprung up on my television.  Now, I refuse to get a Kindle or a Reader, or any of those other electronic reading doodads out there, but this commercial almost made me want one.

But, as much fun as that looks, I want to stick with a good old-fashioned book. I like the smell of books and the nostalgia that surrounds them.  I like that they’ve been around for centuries and a lot of those texts are still relevant.  I like opening a book for the first time and I like feeling the familiar crack of a worn-in spine once I’ve reread a book for the umpteenth time.  I hate it when books are dog-eared, but I like that they can be. They’re personal; you can write in the margins or underline or (gasp) highlight.  To me, they’re classic and classy.  And, I’m sorry, but what’s a nicer decoration to a room than a nice bookshelf of books, be them mismatched paperbacks or leather-bound first editions?

And don’t even get me started on how much I love libraries. Seriously, don’t. I could prattle on for a while.


3 thoughts on “Son of a Nutcracker!

  1. hannahrosk says:

    thank you. i could not have said it better myself. my friends make fun of me because i love the smell of the 7th floor of our library (the stacks) where we go to study because it smells like BOOKS!

  2. Molly the Ghost says:

    haha. all of my roommates and I were talking about this yesterday. Only one of the five of us didn’t like the smell of books.

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