The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello, December! While the weather here in DC has yet to catch up with the season (the high was 56 degrees today), the holiday cheer has spread to Crawford 202.

In our room, we go crazy for holidays:  in October, the front door was covered in a spooktacular plastic Halloween sign along with clingy window decals; in November, turkeys proudly displaying “Happy Thanksgiving” banners were featured on the doors; as of Sunday night (okay, we jumped the gun a little bit, I’ll admit) holiday cheer has begun to emerge in our home once again.

During Amanda’s Black Friday extravaganza, she bought us a little doorknob decoration, a jingle-bell Christmas tree in Hanukkah colors, along with six strands of colored twinkle lights (three of which now line our ceiling).  Soon, the hallway will be furnished with white twinkle lights under sheer blue curtains (to cast a glow about the hall) with snowflakes suspended beneath them.  Amanda’s stocking is already up, and the rest of the dorm’s will be soon.

But the holidays were really brought into season when Crawford 202 gathered last night to watch Love, Actually. It was the first time Rachel had ever seen it.  The poor girl had never seen it before – which is a travesty considering her love for both Hugh Grant and Kiera Knightly.  While we watched, Anne, Amanda, and I created some paper snow flakes.

More pictures to come…

Incidentally, the Killers released their annual holiday song today.  All profits from downloads go to (RED) to promote World AIDs Day (which was yesterday).


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