Pop Culture Pandemonium

All semester the GW campus has been awash with famous faces.  So far, our campus has been graced by Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, Joe Wilson, Jill Biden, Michelle Obama (twice), Maroon 5, Sean Kingston, and more.  The last week has brought even more famous faces to campus.

Tuesday night Anne and I strolled a few blocks over the GW’s Elliot School of International Affairs.  There, the School of Media and Public Affairs had teamed up with our student run radio and tv-studios to bring us Helen Thomas.  She lectured for a bit and then opened the floor to questions.  I love her.  She was funny and poised and very knowledgeable.

Then, on Wednesday night, our campus was graced by the presence of Flavor Flav and the rest of Public Enemy.  They drove around campus on a flatbed truck to raise awareness about homelessness. Or something like that. All I know was that I could hear/see them from my window. End story is that it resulted in a 5 minute digression in my political campaigns class to talk about it the following day.  We got totally off topic when I brought up the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Later I routed the discussion to the Rugrats.  As Anne would say, it was really a red letter day for me.

Our final tidbit of pop culture on campus was not an actual personal presence so much as a literary one. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue was released this week. And, yes, Crawford 202 already owns a copy.  (Amanda noted upon purchase that she feels folksier already and that the book is not so much a piece of literature as it is a toy. I have to agree.) For those of you who doubt it’s greatness, let me direct you to this. It’s an index for her book, since the real copy is egregiously missing one.  Everything in this supplemental index is accurate, even if it may seem satirical.  Crawford 202 has been having a lot of fun with this book.  Many excerpts are most enjoyed when read aloud. We like to read an excerpt, say “Goin’ Rogue” then pass it on to the next person in the circle. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: We actually are quite mavericky.

Now for some music that’s been stuck in my head since Amanda introduced me to the brilliant DVD:


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