It’s a Wild World

I know that realistically there are only 24 hours in a day, but I swear that Sunday was the longest day of my life.  Not that I’m complaining – I had a blast.  It was just a very, very long day.  It didn’t help that I only had about four hours of sleep Friday night.  Here’s how the day went:

2:00 am – Went to bed

4:03 am – Woke up and got dressed

4:35 am – Grabbed my backpack and Ellen and started to walk the 12 blocks toward 10th street.  (Bonus: Got to walk by the White House!)

5:17 am – Boarded the MegaBus.  We sat on the second floor! Consequently, I didn’t go back to sleep until about 8 because the sunrise was so beautiful.  I even woke Ellen up so that she wouldn’t miss it.

9:57 am – Arrived in New York! It was my first time there, so I let Ellen navigate.  Our first order of business was navigating the subway and making our way down to the Lower East Side.  (Do you know how hard it was to navigate the Metro Subway? Jeesh, it made me miss the Metro like I’d never believe.  There were too many levels, too many trains, too many letters and numbers and colors, not enough signage and everything smelt like piss. Not my cup of tea.)

11:01 am – Managed to find the subway station! 11:53 am – Made it to Bowery! Got in the not-so-long line to snag an audition time for one of our favorite shows – SKINS.  It’s a British show, but MTV (ugh, I know) picked it up and is going to produce a US version.  It won’t be anywhere as good as the UK version, I don’t think, but they’re casting kids between 15-18, so Ellen and I thought we might as well try.  I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to snag a job writing for the show. They’re using the same principles and having young people write. The average age for the UK writers is 21. Not to shabby, eh?

12:56 pm – Walked around the Lower East Side looking for a place to eat.  Ellen’s GPS turned us around a few times, so we called her mom for backup.  After a brief conversation with her, we were directed to Katz’s Diner (the infamous restaurant from When Harry Met Sally).  Once there, we ordered our sandwiches, picked up some cookies, asked for Kenny and mysteriously got a free lunch.  We have no clue who exactly Kenny is, but we have some ideas.  The whole meal was very cloak-and-dagger.

2:14 pm – Arrived in Times Square! It was fabulous.  Ellen and I took pictures with cartoons (she and Dora, Tigger and myself).  From there we sat down in Times Square proper for a bit and worked on our papers (we’re nothing if not studious!). We walked around, took a look at Broadway, and before we knew it, it was time to head back down to the LES.

4:00 pm – Ushered inside of the YMCA where auditions were being held.  We showed our IDs (to prove we weren’t 19 yet) and went into a separate room to fill out some paperwork.  From there, groups of about 17 were pulled into yet another room.  We were broken into groups of 4 and given a scenario.  From there we had to come up with a backstory and improv the bit in front of the casting director.  I was horrible, and was also given a pretty bad scenario. Ellen was fantastic – she’s quite the little actress.

6:03 pm – Got out of auditions.  Wandered around for twenty minutes trying to locate the Subway station we needed. Did I mention that our bus left at 6:30?

6:34 pm – Rushed past Fashion Ave. on our way to find the MegaBus.  I have no clue how it hadn’t left yet.  Thank God for a traffic jam in the tunnel, I guess.  So we got on the bus around 7:15ish.

10:37 pm – Arrived back in DC!!! Successful trip, if I do say so myself. We walked the ten blocks back to campus, passing the White House and the Treasury Dept. (*ahem* Ellen).  We stopped at CVS so Ellen could buy some EasyMac.

11:03 pm – Returned to Crawford 202.  We had a hero’s welcome from Anne and Amanda.  There was a welcome home banner involved.  We were gone for less than 24 hours.  So we recounted our day and got to bed about 1:30-ish am.  Solid day.


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