I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, but I promise, nothing of much consequence happened. (Aside from the minor pillow fight Anne and I had while waiting for an episode of the Office to buffer.)  And yes, I probably should be doing my Arabic homework, but you’ll soon see why this takes precedence.

The truth of the matter is that for a little while now I’ve felt slightly inconsequential next to most people that I know.  Everyone seems to have met famous politicians, actors, athletes or other celebrities. But myself?  No, of course not.  I mean, my dad met Muhammad Ali on the street and got an autograph, just after he changed his name from Cassius Clay.  My roommate Amanda was in what she described as “the most powerful handshake triangle ever” with Barack and Michelle Obama.  Myself?  Nada. I hadn’t even seen a celebrity up close while walking down the street until I moved to DC.  And let’s be frank, not too many people would count my seeing either Bo or Jon Favreau as much of a celebrity sighting. But all that changed today.

“What happened today, Molly?”, you may ask.  Well, let me tell you, a whole lot.  Terrifying dream aside, I not only got my ticket to hear Helen Thomas* speak, but I also went to an MTV / GWU sponsored Veterans Day event right across the street from me.  “Who were the keynote speakers?”, you may ask.  None other than Alma Powell (Colin Powell’s wife), Dr. Jill Biden, and Michelle Obama! Yes, it was an exciting experience made even better by the fact that we were in the sixth row (the first four were reserved).  As Obama and Biden left, Amanda, Anne, and I scurried up to the front of the auditorium to watch them exit.  We were quite close to them.

But to really top things off, I GOT TO SHAKE HANDS WITH MICHELLE OBAMA!!!!!! Oh, yeah, and Jill Biden, too. But, really, Michelle Obama! She held my hand for a solid 3-5 seconds.  That is quality hand graspage.  When Amanda and I got home from eating 35 minutes later, Anne was still quivering with excitement – Michelle put a hand on her shoulder while shaking Anne’s hand.  This was one excellent day.

*Helen Thomas is known as the Dean of the White House Press Corps, and has worked in the White House for 57 years.  She has covered every presidential administration since John F. Kennedy.


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