You want to give me some vocals?

I’ve spent the last two days slowly rediscovering my love for Jimmy Fallon.  I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is about him I enjoy.  Maybe it’s his genuine personality mixed with his slightly bumbling awkwardness.  Maybe it’s because his name makes my roommates laugh when I say it (apparently it’s because of my Akron A accent). Whatever it is, it seems to work.

Last night Fallon interviewed Andy Samberg.  A new life goal for me is to have Andy Samberg and Jon Favreau be my best friends.  I think that would be exquisite and make my life complete.

To top things off, Fallon is interviewing the partial cast of Monty Python.  It’s fantastic! The Roots even performed part of the Lumberjack Song.

Are you a Saved by the Bell fan?  Want to see some Jimmy Fallon?  Did you used to have a crush on Zack Morris? (I admit, I did when I was a wee lass.)  If so, click away.


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