Go! Watch! Now!

Don’t walk, run. Click here as fast as you can and watch the “Maneater” Psych-out (it should play automatically when the page opens, perhaps after a short ad). It made my day.  It was actually better than watching the Jam wedding on the Office this morning (I missed it when it was on last night due to work). I watched this Psych-out at least three times. Actually, I’m going to do it again as soon as this is posted.  Joshua Malina, I love you.

PS – We have the same birthday! And if you love Joshua Malina, too, you should check out his stint on Sports Night and The West Wing. Kudos Aaron Sorkin for putting him on your shows.

Oh, and here’s some music:


2 thoughts on “Go! Watch! Now!

  1. Molly the Ghost says:

    sorry, puff. I was caught up in the moment. They’re both fantastic in their own rights. Incomparable, really. Forgive me?

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