This is How We Roll

This weekend was great for a plethora of reasons. I went to Georgetown and visited a friend from home.  While I was with my roommates we found the Hawk ‘n’ Dove, went to Eastern Market, visited the Capitol and went online boot shopping.  What really made this weekend special were these two experiences:

1) Seeing this while I caught up on last week’s episode of Family Guy (it beat out the Disney-esque animated song about pie):

But really, I knew it was a great weekend after, 2) Amanda’s best idea yet: Unfortunately, I can’t upload the video onto the blog. But, basically, Amanda and I pencil-rolled down the lawn in front of the Capitol Building after we had looked up and down the Mall from different angles (ie upside down).  The video’s pretty fantastic, so if you’re my facebook friend, you should probably check it out.


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