Our Own Side Yard

So Amanda and I got adventurous tonight.  After ordering in Chinese food with the rest of the roommates, we wandered over to Wendy’s (the restaurant). We ordered some deliciously twisted Frostys, and returned to the room to invite Anne on a night-time stroll while eating our dessert.  Anne couldn’t go, so we invited our hall-mate, Ryan. He joined in the fun and before we knew it, we were in front of the White House.  Ryan had never been so close to it before, so Amanda and I took a few minutes to point out the different parts (e.g. the West Wing, which contains the staff and press room and the East Wing, which houses the residence). Our faces were smushed up against the fence hoping to see some senior staffers leave when I noticed a dog on a leash inside the grounds. After a second, I realized it was the First Dog, Bo! We quietly called out to him and beckoned him, but he was leashed and seemed to ignore us. It didn’t make the sighting any less enjoyable.

We planned on strolling along to the back side – the one facing the Ellipse – but were ushered out before we got very far.  We returned to the main street, passing the Department of the Treasury. On that corner, you can spot the Capitol Building all sixteen blocks away.  We were struck by genius and decided to walk to the Capitol.  The walk was pleasant and we passed lots of buildings whose names and functions we don’t yet know.  One of the buildings we did recognize was the Newseum. Out front the front page of a daily newspaper is displayed from each state for the current date.  As I passed Alabama’s I exclaimed, “Why the hell do they have the Decatur Daily?” I had expected the Birmingham News, the Montgomery Advertiser or the (Mobile) Press-Register. The fact that I had never heard of the city, despite living in Alabama for half my life, combined with having misread the title resulted in my pronunciation of the city as Deca-tour. Not one of my better moments.

Anyhoo, here are some beautiful pictures from our 4.8 mile walk:


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