Macbeth’s Witches

Double, double, toil and trouble… (Alright, that’s Mary Kate and Ashley, but you get it.) Well, really just the double.  Some major feats of paranormal activity have occurred in around me lately.  For the past few weeks I’ve kept hearing mention of ghosts and doppelgangers and I can’t help but wonder what will come up next. It all started when I came to school.

My friend Hannah had reported having a ghost in her room a couple weeks ago. She didn’t see it, but someone rearranged the pictures on a bulletin board upside down and spackled a hole in her wall.  She put the thought into my head and a week later when I lost my sweatshirt and turned my dorm room upside down looking for it, I blamed it on a pesky poltergiest.  My incident turned out to be simplemindedness on my part seeing as how the hoodie turned up on the hidden side of my closet door. But Hannah’s could have been the real deal – who’s to say it wasn’t?

Occurrence # 2: My coworker Giles saw a ghost one night on the Metro.  Well, the ghost wasn’t on the Metro, but that’s where he saw it. He was riding along late one night and happened to look out the window towards some giant, underground turbines. It looked odd and he snapped a picture on his cell phone.  Upon zooming in, you can definitely see the outline of a man. He showed me. Sure, maybe a man was wandering the large, subterranean factory fans at 1 am. But it could just as easily have been a ghost.

The strangest part of paranormal activities have to be the doppelgangers.  While the traditional definition of doppleganger is “an apparition or double of a living person,” I have extended the definition beyond physical features to incorporate personality. My roommates and I agree that when walking around campus, we see numerous people who look like exact replicas of our friends and family back home. That only appears at first glance – then we remember ourselves and the immense distances that make these friend-sightings improbable.  But twice in the last few weeks I’ve been told that I have a doppleganger. In two different countries! First, I received a text from Hannah at OU. Her message read: “Sprinks there is a boy at the party I am at who is the male version of you. hells to the yeah!”  Then, last week, Chantelle sent me a message that read, “I met a chemistry loving version of you today …” Come on! This is weird, especially considering that she’s living in Canada this year. How many versions of you are out running about that you have yet to discover? Think about it, that’s all I’m saying.

The late, great, and horrendously short-lived darkest of Disney shows, So Weird:


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