Traumatic Times

Two things that scarred the otherwise great day today might have been:

1)  Hearing Anne laugh at me – from her window, a floor above me – after I tripped and stumbled on the sidewalk.

2) Here’s the kicker. Ready?  Okay, then, you asked for it. Have you ever ridden an escalator? Well, there’s a fairly narrow escalator from the ground level of the Watergate complex leading down to the area where the Safeway grocery store is. On the way up, there’s a sign that clearly says “No carts of any kind on the escalator.” Well, a couple of genius girls ahead of us neglected to either a) read, or b) honor that sign.  Because what did they do? They took a cart up the escalator. The result? Trauma.  The girls safely made it off the escalator, but the carts wheels lodged in the escalator. Frantically, the girls ahead of us tried to pull the cart free, to no avail. Anne, the first of us on the escalator stumbled to safety. Amanda, next in line, haphazardly stepped on the cart before losing her balance. I nimbly attempted to lift myself over the wreck. I kind of jumped it but then failed and landed – just a little bit- on Amanda.  Poor Amanda sustained multiple bruises to her legs and a skinned knee. When we got up we were all shaking. The girls were apologetic, but really, I hope they learned a lesson.

Amanda suggested this song to go along with today’s theme:


4 thoughts on “Traumatic Times

    • Molly the Ghost says:

      Okay, so I DID have my camera, but it was in my backpack which was full of foodstuff at the time. There wasn’t much time to extract it without a bigger debacle ensuing. I was attempting to be safety conscious.

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