Excited Much?

I know, I know, it seems like there are two posts today. But in reality, the previous post was just very late last night.  But seriously, folks, let’s get on to what’s “important.”

Guys!!! House season premiere is on tonight. Can you feel the excitement? Two whole hours of Hugh Laurie makes for one good night.  I mean, really, I like Hugh Laurie a little too much.  It can be a bit problematic.  Again with my overwhelming love for actors. It’s really not healthy.  My list of favorite actors/fictional characters is quite long.  My friend, teammate, and BVFAC coworker Hannah and roommate Amanda know quite a bit about this – I suppose you could call it – obsession.

It’s just simply not my fault that Hugh Laurie and Alexander Skarsgaard and such good actors. Really, it’s not.  But in light of True Blood’s season finale last weekend and House’s season premiere tonight and the Emmys last night I’m just in a tizzy over these great men.   (Have I used the word “snub” yet? No? Because here were the most egregious snubs in my book: True Blood not getting nominated for any acting awards (even though the deep Lousisana accents leave something to be desired; Generation Kill not getting any acting nods – because excuse you, academy, ASkars was brilliant as an American Marine serving in the beginning stages of the 2003 Iraq War; and Hugh Laurie losing best lead actor in a drama series to Bryan Cranston (who has already won an Emmy for that role)).

Okay, folks, I’ll let you get on with your day. I just wanted to make sure you were aware that House premiered tonight.  Plus, it’s just an excuse to spread this little nugget of joy around:


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