What’s Up, Wednesday? //8\\

Welcome back to WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY, hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. To learn more about it, you should really visit their respective pages. I use it to keep me writing, to make myself think about writing, and to force myself to think positive and find things to look forward to.

What I’m Reading

I’m still reading Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. I’m struggling through it a bit, because it’s very, uh, self-aggrandizing. I absolutely think that is due to the main character and not the author, though. It’s written in the first-person perspective of a struggling author who’s working on his masterpiece novel. Bye-the-bye it’s also about a white dude’s mid-life crisis and I kind of want to tell Michael Chabon to stop wanking. After I give that some thought, though, I wonder if that’s spectacularly effective writing. Because the writing is good, and I’m obviously still reading. I want to see where the story goes. I’m just a little bit over reading about self-destructive white dudes.

What I’m Writing

That Golf Story - I’ve made it back to a chapter that I am deliriously happy to be writing. It’s fun, playful, and energetic, and there will be kissing.

Delia – Oh, god. I actually started revising Delia and I hate everything. I  made myself a note to “cut everything that doesn’t involve kissing, snark, or blood.” Which actually sounds like a pretty solid revision strategy. And then I realize that I’ve already cut 20k and it feels like nothing happened. Regardless, I’ve written a new opening scene and I’m cutting and pasting and crying and writing. Definitely trying not to think about the complete overhaul the first half needs.

What Works for Me

I’ve never written more quickly or been as excited to finish a section than I have since I started talking to Kate and Bailey about my work. In the past I’ve always been supremely reluctant to talk about my writing at all, but having two people that I like and trust to bounce ideas off of and get positive reinforcement from has been a blessing.

Though I may change my tune when I need them to start actively critiquing.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

Last week I went to an event at the Smithsonian where I got to meet Martin Sheen! Not to sound dramatic, but it was everything I’ve ever dreamed of (and more!). The whole event was basically a conversation about his character on The West Wing and he was wonderful and funny and kind and we made so much eye contact. Watching him watch The West Wing is also my new favorite hobby.

On Friday I officially tendered my letter of resignation! Keep your fingers crossed that I get accepted to grad school or I may be in Cleveland for more than the summer. But that’s alright (eh), because I’m pretty okay with my contingency plans.

Television Tuesdays: The 100

Here, have a deceptively light-hearted gif before the show destroys your soul.

The second of The 100 is wrapping up (Wednesdays, 9pm EST, the CW) and I’m not ready. I only started watching this show over Thanksgiving break, but I caught up, I caught up fast, and I fell hard. I honestly don’t know what I was doing with my life before I started watching The 100 because it’s everything I never knew I needed.


Roughly 97 years in the future, Earth’s remaining humans are living in a giant space station, like in Zenon. Except with a lot less lycra and a lot more “oh god, our oxygen supply is running low”. A space station where committing a crime, any crime, is grounds for being jettisoned into space unless you’re lucky enough to be a minor.

Except for 100 of those criminal minors who are put on a rinky-dink escape pod and sent to Earth to see if, a century after a nuclear apocalypse, the radiation levels have gone down enough to support human life once again.

Good news! It has. But apparently not all of humanity died out and there are factions not so happy to have the ‘Sky People’ raining down hellfire and the like. Wars start, factions are formed, and, oh yeah, those parents who jettisoned their kids down to the planet’s surface? Eventually they come down to join them.

Basically, each week is an hour’s worth of chaos, bloodshed, and beautiful, beautiful politics and pretty much everyone in charge is a woman.

Hey Ladies

Clarke and Abby Griffin: Clarke Griffin is one of the 100 teenagers sent to Earth to see if it’s habitable. Her mother, Abby, sits on the council that made the decision to jettison the kids. Their relationship is a little fraught because of it. Abby’s worked her way up to being Chancellor of the Sky People in their political system. Clarke, meanwhile, has evolved from Princess to HBIC of the 100 and each week we get to witness her growing into her leadership.

Raven Reyes. Raven’s a teenager, but not one of the initial 100. Her first season arc deals with a love triangle I didn’t have the energy for, but turned out better than I could have anticipated. Instead of Raven and Clarke fighting over a dumb boy, they became friends and allies. Raven is an electrical engineer and manufactured her own ankle brace when she became disabled. Raven Reyes is a badass.

Octavia Blake. At first, Octavia seems like a character out of Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Among the Hidden book series. She was born in secrecy on the space station (there was a strictly enforced one kid rule) and has lived the first 16 or so years of her life basically in captivity. Because of this, it seemed like a lot of her early interactions with everyone were both a rebellion and a lingering case of Stockholm Syndrome. Now, though, I can’t wait to rewatch the series and pay more attention to her. Sometimes I think I discount her a little because of her whole Great Love Story with Lincoln, who looks like double her age, which kind of threw me off. But over the last two seasons she’s grown from a newly freed girl to a powerhouse of a woman. I love that she’s throwing her lot in with the Grounders and is basically an ambassador. Like, she has dual-citizenship with the Sky People and the Grounders. I love that she’s Indra’s second and that she wears the Grounder braided hair style. I love that she’s taken control and plotting and learning their language and I didn’t expect to respect Octavia this much, but I am into it.

Lexa. Terrifyingly brilliant leader of the Grounders, the most Machiavellian character we’ve gotten from any show in ages. Whereas Clarke tends to act (or react) with some immediacy, Lexa is a Big Picture kind of woman. She’s ruthless, and not in a “I don’t have feelings” way, it’s just an “I care so much about my people and their survival I will do whatever it takes” way and she terrifies me, but in a good way. Feared and respected, that one.

Maya. Maya’s one of the people that lives in the Mount Weather complex, a nuclear shelter that allowed some of humanity to escape the radiation of the ground. The people of Mount Weather have realized that the 1oo’s bone marrow is the key to their finally be able to survive the radiation of the outside world, but their methodology is brutal. Maya’s not here for that. Last week we finally got some back-story on her and while it felt a little weak that explanation necessary. Thank you, show, for at long last giving a fairly important character motivation for doing what she’s done. It couldn’t have lasted much longer. I was kind of wishy-washy on Maya but when she told Jasper that she had no problem dying for them I was like, “Okay, girl. You can stay.”

(Potential spoilers from here on out.)


Abby & Clarke. I’m so glad that they’re trying to find a balance. I know that Abby’s been looking at Clarke and seeing a monster where her daughter should be. I get that. But like, Abby actually jettisoned Clarke to Earth, knowing it could be her daughter’s death sentence. You kind of sever your parental rights with that one. Like, maybe the real monster in this scenario is you?

We got a scene last week with Abby and her council-member friend Kane discussing Clarke’s leadership, and I’m glad Kane pointed out that maybe they are the monsters. Clarke is making some heavy decisions, some of them with dire consequences, but Kane points out that where would Clarke have learned this from but Abby? She needed to hear it and if Clarke had said it, Abby would’ve rolled her eyes and been like “ugh, petulant teenagers amirite???”. So it’s nice to see that while Clarke’s not staging an outright coup, Abby’s got to learn to respect her as the leader Clarke made herself among the 100.

It seemed like, with the end of last week’s episode, Abby was realizing that she has to back off a bit from acting like Clarke’s mother and act more like a colleague. Because they’re both leaders in their own right and they both command their own factions of people and (god that’s so cool) they have to actually respect each other’s decisions. Like Abby telling everyone at the missile site to get back to work was spot on and totally called for. She was right. But Clarke is also right to go save her friends [Sidenote: It’s such a subtle thing but such a dig, like what an asshole thing to do, to keep referring the the 47 (of the 100, being held captive in Mount Weather) as Clarke’s ‘friends’ instead of her people. Clarke is their rightful leader, goddammit, Abby.] and Lexa was not necessarily wrong to let the missile strike play out.

If you haven’t seen any of the show, this all seems fairly convoluted, I’m sure. But know that the politics of the show are so masterfully done. Sometimes I don’t realize how amazing all of the interplay between the characters was until I sit down and let it ruminate. I forgot how much I like political theory until I was writing about this show.


I love that romance isn’t the forefront of this show. Really, I feel like I could give or take it because there’s so much else happening. Instead, the show fixates on relationships of all kinds, and every single one of them feel super organic (except with Clarke and you-know-who, I don’t buy they were in love, they knew each other, like, 10 days).

Bellamy & Octavia Blake Bellamy and Octavia have the distinction on being the only siblings we get on the show because of that pesky one-child rule. Their dynamic in the first season is really ruled by the way that Octavia was forced to stay hidden, and Bellamy’s protectiveness of her. The flashbacks we got of them growing up were wonderful. I think my favorite thing about them has been watching Bellamy kind of see Octavia as an adult, and watching her grow into herself.

Bellamy & Clarke Okay, endgame for me is Bellamy x Clarke. She will be queen and he will be her knight. I need it. But they started out with Bellamy trying to lead The 100 and Clarke just trying to keep them alive. The slow, subtle shift in their power dynamic from feuding pseudo-leaders to allies and respected co-leaders has been beautiful. Bellamy defers to Clarke now. They’ve stopped fighting and the chemistry is simmering. I’m happy to back-burner any romance between these two to see a really strong, solid foundation of trust and respect. So far, so good.

Clarke & Raven When we first saw Clarke & Raven interact I was a bit worried we were going to get a trite love triangle. I kind of find love triangles exhausting unless they’re executed really well, and I just didn’t care about Finn enough for that to be possible. But we didn’t. We got friendship. We Clarke telling Raven, “I’d pick you first.” And every time they fight it is justified, I understand why, and they only end up raising the other up. They make each other stronger and it’s beautiful to watch.

Clarke & Lexa Clarke and Lexa, my reigning queens. At first I wanted them to just be allies and decimate the awful people in Mount Weather and stop the Grounders and Sky People from waging war but… like two weeks ago their chemistry was so strong that I found myself yelling “MAKE OUT” at the screen. I’m not sure what I want from these two, but I want to see them together all the time.

Jasper & Monty If nothing else, these two are fun to watch together. Their friendship is so strong and so clearly evident (that dumb high-five they have!) that they’re fun to watch no matter what. Every week I’m torn between enjoying their brOTP and shipping them, and that’s kind of fun. Either way, please don’t kill Jasper and/or Monty!


When Abby and Kane are discussing Clarke as a leader, it’s wonderful to see that Kane gets it. He totally sees where Clarke’s coming from in allowing the missile strike to play out. He and Clarke have been forced to live in a moral grey area and Abby’s futilely trying to cling to black & white.

Despite the (at times) multi-front war they’re fighting, I think rather than everyone letting go of their morals, they’re clinging to them even more. The 100 and the Sky People (and even the Grounders) are fighting the Mountain People because of the Mountain’s complete disregard of humanity. They’re not treating the 47 like people. And when Clarke lashes out or fights the hardest it’s because someone is acting out of line with her moral code.

Clarke (spoiler) abided and aided Finn’s death because he was morally compromised. When Bellamy killed that kid’s dad he did it out of survival and then still felt supremely guilty about it. The 100 are still morally stringent characters, they’re just living in a very grey world and responding accordingly. They don’t lash out preemptively or vindictively, really. Clarke wasn’t flooded with relief when she killed the sniper last week, but she doesn’t regret it either.


Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 3.18.07 PM

The number of times I shout expletives at the screen during any given episode of The 100 is truly kind of astounding. People are dying every week in this show and it’s kind of amazing. Don’t get me wrong, some of the deaths have been heartbreaking. Others, though, have left me feeling vindicated.

It’s an interesting balance the show manages to strike, between shots fired that feel justified and yet having so much of the violence seem senseless while still making the audience understand exactly why it’s occurring.

There’s a great scene in the first season when Bellamy Blake (be still, my heart) and Clarke find a weapons cache. Bellamy teaches Clarke to shoot and the scene is kind of mesmerizing. At first I wanted to cringe because handing a bunch of bitter teenagers automatic weapons sounds like an awful idea, but so does leaving themselves unprotected. A season later and I’m honestly not sure if I’m more in love with Bellamy or Clarke, especially after witnessing Clarke kill a man by shooting through a hostage’s shoulder. Just, Clarke Griffin’s shooting skills… I’ll be in my bunk.

In Mount Weather, Jasper has had to become a leader in his own right. In the first season all he really cared about were Monty and Octavia. Now, though, we have a Jasper with a manic glint in his eye. He is 1000% done with the hand he’s been dealt – seeing his friends be detained, experimented on, murdered. Now, at the end of the second season, we have a new Jasper. An angry Jasper, fucking shit up, getting blood spatter on his face like he’s Dexter. The entire scene when the 47 fight back against their captors felt like the Cornucopia at the Hunger Games but EVEN BLOODIER. How a network show can get away with that slaughter but an actual blockbuster movie couldn’t is fascinating to me. Jasper led the 47 (more like 41 at this point, but whatever) in a battle that made the uniformed, riot gear-ed, gun-wielding thugs retreat. It was terrifying and amazing and chilling and wonderful.

Out of all of the remaining 100 (except perhaps Murphy), Jasper is the one who is, while not necessarily the least moral, the closest to it. He’s clearly reached the end of his rope when it comes to living every day in fear. I don’t think he’ll snap like Finn or Murphy did, but he’s at his wit’s end and I can’t wait for him to exact his revenge.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 2.09.08 PM

What’s Up, Wednesday? //7\\

Happy February! Welcome back to WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY, hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. To learn more about it, you should really visit their respective pages. I use it to keep me writing, to make myself think about writing, and to force myself to think positive and find things to look forward to. I know the Northeast is covered in snow, but the DC area hasn’t been able to accumulate more than an inch (it seems), so this weeks’ WUW sidebar is a little idealistic.

What I’m Reading

Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. I started it ages ago, re-started it last week. I love Michael Chabon and wanted something to immerse myself in, but so far it just seems like a white dude’s mid-life crisis. But I’ve barely begun so I’m reserving judgment. Summerland was one of my favorite middle grade books and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is a masterpiece, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

On the non-fiction front, I’m reading The Great Cat Massacre by Robert Darnton. It was on the required reading list in a college course (Enlightenment Europe) and I finally have the time to sit down and read more than the few assigned sections.

In retrospect, I should have planned my book-pairing better because they both feel ‘adult’ and serious. Because, as I’m learning, everyone was too busy working themselves to death in 17th century France to have a little fun and frivolity in their lives.

What I’m Writing

That Golf Story - Kate and Bailey finally received Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 is off to, well, a start. The last couple of chapters had kissing, and drinking, and a lot of music but only a little bit of golf. So now I get to write a lot of golf. All of the golf. But in a fun way. Good news, though: I’m officially working on the final third of the draft.

Delia – Delia is what I’m calling the project I finished last summer because the main character’s name is Delia and I’m truly abhorrent at naming things. And she’s not getting written so much as getting revised. But that’s a part of the writing process, so she still counts. Poor Delia is a stagnant first half tied to an action-packed second half right now, but I promised myself that when I finished applying to grad schools I would start to revise her, so here we are.

What Works for Me

Outlining (apparently). That Golf Story is the first time I’ve outlined a story in its entirety before I began writing it. I wrote an overall outline for plot. Then I broke the plot into three sections and made sure there was rising action, and conflict, and resolutions. Which worked in that I found an organic way to split the draft into sections. Then I broke down chapter-by-chapter scenes. And sure, some stuff has been cut, characters have been added and others have merged; there’s a lot of stuff I hadn’t originally anticipated. Overall, though, having a guide has been a blessing. It’s easier for me to brainstorm. I can play with structure now that I actually have one.

This is all a far cry from Delia. She’s a hot mess. I developed my main character and had a vague idea of what I wanted for her, but I pants-d it. When I did outline, it was as I wrote. And I kept the outline in the same document as things that I cut and ideas that didn’t quite fit. So poor Delia’s all over the place, and the mythology struggles because of it. Revision will be harder because of it and that’s not really an exciting prospect as a first-time reviser.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

It was my birthday recently, so I planned myself the perfect day (and executed it pretty flawlessly). Let me just say: Wine jell-o shots are my new favorite thing. But before I drank, I got my first tattoo! To balance out all the fun, I’ve been productive – I’ve already filed my taxes, completed my FAFSA, and am officially done applying to grad schools! Now it’s just a waiting game.

Television Tuesdays: Agent Carter

Peggy Carter is like a beautiful, flawless, ruthless demon of justice.

Show Overview

In case you’ve been living under a rock or something*, Agent Carter is a new Marvel show (practically a mini-series at this point. The first season is a meager 7 episodes long, but there’s potential for more) on ABC. It’s about the indomitable Peggy Carter who you may have seen in Captain America: The First Avenger or in flashbacks on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She worked and flirted with Steve Rogers back in WWII. Agent Carter is set in the aftermath of the war, after Steve’s plane went down and she’s working Stateside for the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve, the precursor to SHIELD).

Captain America Tie-Ins

One of my absolute favorite things that Agent Carter did was integrate clips from the Captain America movies. More than that, they did it so smoothly. The call-backs and in-jokes to the MCU were also flawless (especially fondue. Bless).
I started the episode super emotional about Stevie because THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO GO DANCING. And then I fell down the emotional hole of thinking that when Steve purposefully crashed the plane in the Arctic, at least he’d be reunited with Bucky. I may or may not have cried about “To the end of the line”. Don’t look at me.

The Dream Team

 I’m not sure what I was expecting from Howard Stark, but in retrospect it was that, exactly. The “Millionaire, Playboy, Traitor” headline about Howard was a FUCKING BRILLIANT reference to Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist way that Tony uses to describe himself without the Iron Man suit. I can’t wait to really delve into Tony’s Daddy Issues and oh my god. Help.
I have to say, I was surprisingly into every single interaction between Peggy and Howard. For example: how did Howard hit on Peggy but still manage to make it all about her capabilities to be a great agent??? I don’t care what their relationship is, I want more of it. And not just because of how hilarious it is to think about re: Steve and Tony because the fact that it is a possibility that Steve’s almost-girlfriend could have had a relationship with Tony’s father is delightful.
It was also a joy to watch Peggy so artfully lie to a fellow agent to protect Stark. Oh my gosh. I would pay money for a bonus feature of Stark trying to kiss her and her pushing him into the Thames. Also, I wouldn’t be completely opposed to Peggy and Stark kissing.
Oh, and let’s not forget about JARVIS!!!!! It was so weird hearing that voice attached to a human. But oh boy, I might have a tiny crush on Jarvis. Mostly his voice. But also his dry, dry humor. And most especially the way he became Peggy’s sidekick, I’m weeping with joy. And I know that he sounded shady on the mysterious car phone , but I still have faith in him because Tony loved him enough to name his sarcastic little AI after him. He can’t be all bad.

Gizmos, Gadgets, and Guns

I want Peggy to teach me how to throw a punch, shoot a gun, and look that good in lipstick. I have a serious lady boner for Peggy Carter. AND she can do chemistry? Peggy Carter needs to get the fuck out. The way the scene with her in the apartment bathroom defusing that bomb was shot made her look like a witch and I’m super into it. THE BRIGHTEST AGENT OF HER AGE.
On that note, I feel like guns, or any projectile weapons, really, are not great in mad scientist labs. But I do really like the villains. The mythology and technology of this show is just so interesting to me. I’m so incredibly on board with all of this. “Leviathan is coming,” Creepy No-Voice dude says, and I know that’s biblical, but all I can think of is the last season of Supernatural I watched.
The Steve Rogers Radio Show was a thing of beauty. (Imagine Steve Rogers hearing a broadcasting and blushing. Just imagine.) The whole thing is so familiar because my dad LOVES old time radio. Also, fond memories of (the truly phenomenal book) The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I am enamored with the juxtaposition between Peggy fighting the dude and the radio broadcast. It was a thing of beauty. And then. AND THEN when she’s fighting on top of the truck and her colleagues are just casually pulling up next to the guy in the chair. BLESS. THIS. SHOW. Peggy Carter is better than you.
Other wonderful parts of the episode included: Peggy squatting at Howard’s den of iniquity mansion; the cute waitress chick and her cute nickname for Peggy and Peggy’s desire to protect her (yay female friendships!); Peggy Carter being the best damn agent SSR’s ever had; everything about the astounding inadequacy of the male SSR agents.
Overall, 10/10 would watch again, would buy on DVD, will obsess about for the foreseeable future.

Things I Absolutely Yelled at the Screen

  • Oh my GOD this intro montage.
  • Oh, god. Oh. Oh I hate Director Douchebag.
  • Yo, Peggy. You’re supposed to put napkins with notes on them in water glasses. Duh.
  • Me, to picture of Steve: UGH, THAT SCRAWNY LITTLE IDIOT
  • HEROINE. I want to be 5% as fierce as Peggy.
  • Fucking. Love. Her.

Apparently I Had Some Feelings About Peggy’s Wardrobe

  • Oh, damn. She looks fierce as HELL.  goddamn. Got. Damn.
  • The blue & red dress she’s wearing in this secret meeting is V cute and also possibly the only thing she’s worn all episode that hasn’t emphasized her truly GIGANTIC rack.
  • That leather jacket/lipstick combo is glorious.

Notable & Quotable

  • The SSR has a secret entrance, just like the Ministry of Magic!!!
  • Peggy’s American accent is flawless.
  • This typewriter thing reminds me of FRINGE when they talk to the Other Side.
  • Well, I mean at least Jarvis had the decency to put the receiver next to the radio when he puts Peggy on hold.
  • I’ve never loved anyone the way I love Peggy Carter. Except maybe Sam Carter (Stargate SG-1). I’m gonna formulate so many headcanons where they’re related.
  • I really like all of Stark’s gadgets. This goes for both generations of Starks.

“You know, there’s a difference between being an independent woman and being a spinster” words of advice from this blonde girl that I really need to take to heart.

“That’s so-and-so, she’s a legal secretary; that’s whats-her-name, she’s a lounge singer; that’s Sarah, she’s a slut.” – I laughed so loudly when waitress girl went around introducing the girls at the complex


*That was a bit harsh, wasn’t it? I’m sorry about that. It’s just that I may have, possibly, accidentally started reading Captain America fanfic. As much as one can “accidentally” do that, by which I mean “not at all”. I am a missile, locking onto a target and reading the hell out of it. And that’s led me down the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) rabbit hole.

Which, you know, shouldn’t mean much. Except that probably I have some differences in fanon and canon rattling around my head because as much as I LOVED Winter Soldier, I thought First Avenger was kind of a little bit snooze worthy. Now that I’m super into the Howling Commandos and Bucky & Steve’s friendship, and kind of in love with Peggy Carter, I’ve probably changed my tune. Like, I would try and watch that again, because if I put my phone down and focused all my attention on it, I’d probably be all over it.
tl;dr I already have a lot of feelings about these characters and basically none of that is based off of their appearances in the Captain America films.

New Blog Feature!

I’ve noticed that it’s been more and more difficult for me to find the time, energy, and enthusiasm to recap lately. It’s started to feel like more of a chore than a fun hobby. Which sucks for me, but also makes my writing worse and means that I put off writing, editing, and posting. There are drafts of recaps that I’ve put together from months ago, that I still haven’t posted.

So my inability to get a quick-enough turn around is one of the reasons I’m going to retire recapping. For now at least.  I rest happy in the knowledge that there are numerous recappers who can, and do, make that turn-around and do it better than me. The other part is that fewer and fewer people are writing for, and visiting OCTV. Which is a cyclical problem, because we stop putting up content in a regular, timely manner, so people stop checking. It makes sense, but I’m frustrated, and I want writing about, and thinking about TV to be fun again, so I’m going to do this instead!

This is going to be a (hopefully) regular feature called Television Tuesdays where I take a break to talk about tv. Maybe it’ll be about a show I’ve been marathoning recently. It could be a list of  of shows I’ve watched. Maybe I’ll find a theme that’s common across a bunch of shows I’ve been watching and I write about it. Who knows?

The important thing is, I’m excited about it. I’m excited to not feel beholden to writing detailed posts that sometimes feel like they’re just a poor regurgitation of the show you just watched.

Tomorrow’s the inaugural post. I’ll be talking about Agent Carter. Get excited.

What’s Up, Wednesday? //6\\

Happy New Year and welcome back to WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY, hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. To learn more about it, you should really visit their respective pages. I use it to keep me writing, to make myself think about writing, and to force myself to think positive and find things to look forward to.

What I’m Reading

I finally finished my great re-read of 2014. Well, most of it. I’m still halfway through the Harry Potter series and in the middle of Summerland, but those will keep. New year, new books! Yesterday I finished  Making Headlines by my good friend Erin Brown. It was just as delightfully scandalous as I expected with a bonus helping of Veronica Mars-esque sleuthing and tons of chemistry. It’s a companion novel to her first book, Taking Flight (which I also highly recommend). It was a fun page-turner and it flew by.

Now I’m reading Eternal Night by Carina Adly Mackenzie. I’ve followed Carina on twitter forever and I’ve really been looking forward to having a chance to read it. I love the premise – a bunch of eternally young gods have lost their powers as people stopped believing in them and the apocalypse seems to be imminent – but there’s something about it that’s just not clicking with me. I think it’s the perspective shifts each chapter. There are a lot of characters and I’m having trouble getting as familiar with them as the writing leads me to believe I should be. But I’m only 13% in, so I’m excited to see how it comes together.

What I’m Writing

Still working on That Golf Story. I’m about two-thirds of the way done, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking. I’m so glad I thoroughly outlined it before I started so I know what’s coming up and what I have to look forward to. It makes the prospect of sitting down and writing less daunting. Now I just have to worry about making sure there’s a cohesive, compelling plot buried under all the fun I’m having.

Short-term goal: Finish the second section / Chapter 12 by this time next week.

What Works for Me

For Christmas my roommate got me a few bottles of wine and a giant wine glass. Sometimes there’s no better writing companion than booze. I can disassociate just enough that I can write, and write a lot, without second-guessing what I’m putting on the page. Sure, some of it may get scrapped later, but it’s kind of freeing to see what kind of ideas I’ll have next.

I’m also excited because the gifts will pair perfectly with Write Drunk, Edit Eventually, Kate and my pet project, when our schedules align.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

Oh boy. I’ve taught myself how to crochet, though not very well. I took a bunch of days off and went home for Christmas. I visited my extended family. I bought myself a bunch of books at Half Price. I’m almost done with my grad school applications (I better be, the first is due next week). I went to the driving range.

And I watched so, so much TV. Most recently I caught up on the US version of Shameless. I’m addicted. Next up: Looking.


2015 Molly will own it.

2015 Molly will do things that are important to her and make her happy.

2015 Molly can’t be tamed. She’ll be fierce, like a wildebeest.

2015 Molly will be ready to give anyone the finger at any given moment. She’ll be mentally wearing this shirt under all her super-cute outfits:

2015 Molly will wear more lipstick, dark red, like the blood of her enemies.

2015 Molly will write more, write better, and write drunker. She’ll write with the tears of her doubters.

2015 Molly will get her first tattoo, a double-helix piercing, and dye her hair for the first time.

2015 Molly will read more books. She’ll travel. She’ll try new things.

2015 Molly is going to work hard to be happy and love the person she is.

2015 Molly is going to have a great year.